Bermuda-Ghana Business Event On August 20

A Bermuda-Ghana Business/Employment Opportunity Presentation will be held on Saturday, August 20 from 6.00pm to 8.00pm in the BIU’s Dr. Gordon Memorial Hall.

A spokesperson said, “The purpose of the presentation is to provide you with the experiences of Bermudians established in Ghana and information pertaining to the opportunities in Ghana, West Africa. The opportunities range from construction to tourism to investment in any areas of interest.

“It will inform you of how to establish a business, what businesses would be the most strategic and what jobs are most accessible. The construction, agriculture and technical industries, which are ideal for Bermudians to explore, have already been identified.

“The presentation will be hosted by Ras Selassie, a Bermudian with interests in Ghana, and he will be assisted by Nana Otu Turkson, a Ghanaian, who will highlight the general opportunities in Ghana. Two other Bermudians who have established themselves in Ghana and are engaged in projects there will also share their experiences.

“Your questions and comments following the presentations will be welcomed.”

The event is free to attend.

Source: Bernews