Ronita Teye-Botchway

Honorary Consul

Mrs. Ronita Teye-Botchway was appointed the Honorary Consul of Ghana in Bermuda in July 2021 by the Government of Ghana to continue with the ground breaking success of the Mission under the former Honorary Consul. She had been at all times involved in the work and organization of the Honorary Consul, in particular taking care of the welfare issues of Ghanaians in Bermuda.

She is a Bermudian and holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Behavioral Science University from Mount Mary College in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA and a BSc (Hons) in Quantity Surveying from Leeds Metropolitan University, Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK.

Having been married to the late Dr Leonard Teye-Botchway, a Ghanaian, their union produced three handsome sons: Adlai, Addon and Addi. She was the founder of Charis Foundation, a charity that allowed her to give back to her community.

A major yearly event that the foundation organized is the Annual Eye Classic Run/Walk race where the proceeds were distributed to various local charities.

Ms Teye-Botchway is also the owner and Director of Bermuda International Institute of Ophthalmology. The company was founded by her and her late husband, Dr Leonard Teye-Botchway. She also has a passion for the built environment and is actively working in various construction projects. She also enjoys cooking for family and friends, a talent that was nurtured by her late mother of Reid’s Restaurant.

She finds joy in serving. Behind her vivacious personality is a tender heart for helping others. Ms Teye-Botchway is a devout Christian who has an intimate relationship with her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.