Evelyn Abena Darrell

Consular Officer

Evelyn (née Oteng-Pabi) is a Ghanaian/Canadian entrepreneur, as well as a marketing and real estate professional currently residing in Bermuda. Evelyn successfully completed her bachelor’s degree from the University of Windsor in Canada in 2008.

She has always been passionate about entrepreneurship, and helping business owners and organizations to succeed through her professional experience in marketing and branding, consulting, ideation, virtual administration, event planning and social media management, as well as building genuine connections with people which led to her love of real estate, which she practices as a licensed real estate agent in Bermuda. As a Real Estate Advisor, Evelyn’s goal is to make real estate elevated, authentic, achievable and a little more fun. She believes in relationships, over transactions always!

She has been involved in various Non-profit organizations throughout the years involved with art, music, and culture, as well as initiations through various church organizations and private organizations supporting sickle cell, children, domestic abuse victims, the homeless and HIV/Aids compassion. She is currently involved with a Bermudian Charity “Jumuiya Ya Afrika” working alongside other Africans in Bermuda to promote the synergies between Bermuda and Africa. As part of her involvement, she sits as the Board secretary and Trustee.

As a proud Ghanaian, Evelyn is keen to assist in promoting the beauty and success of Ghana to Bermuda, assisting in providing Consular support for Ghanaians in Bermuda and also promoting to Ghanaians, the greatest Island she is now fortunate to call a second home – Bermuda.

When Evelyn is not showing homes and helping Bermudians to own a home or investment property, or list or find a rental- she is actively supporting and helping entrepreneurs with their business and marketing initiatives. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter.

Evelyn is honoured to be of any assistance to the local Ghanaian and Bermudian community, and anyone with an interest in Ghana.