Addon Teye-Botchway

Consular Officer

Addon Teye-Botchway serves a the Consular Officer assisting the Honouray Consulate with its work. He is a Bermudian medical student who matriculated into the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland in 2020. Mr. Teye-Botchway is also a Ghanaian national with family roots originating in Kumasi and Accra.

Mr. Teye-Botchway has always maintained his academic rigor and is pursuing an education in the life sciences. He is now a graduate student, with a BA in Biology from Brandeis University, currently entering his second year of medical school.

From a young age Mr. Teye-Botchway has been actively engaging with his local community. This engagement range from being an American Red Cross member, a blood donor in high school, sponsoring a Ghanaian orphan for six years through World Vision Charity, and working several hours at his local horse stables.

Having first-hand experience of life in Ghana and seeing the teeming potential Africans all around the world have in store, helping the next generation of Africans continue that dream of success in Bermuda has become one of Mr. Teye-Botchway life missions.